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euro£36MDate - 27-05-2016Loto£6MDate - 25-05-2016
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  • Allison


    I think it's a great way to play the lottery. I always used to forget, now I don't have to worry. I get excited to see if I've won.

    - A. Fletcher
  • Binteh


    Lotto-Social is a way of changing to a beautiful life. Automated prize winning is absolute amazing.

    - B. Diallo
  • Bernadette


    Lotto social is brilliant I can check my numbers and winnings within a few seconds.

    - B. Burch
  • Aiesha


    I'm new to Lotto-Social but I must say this is a better way for me to be able to have more chances of winning and not forgetting to put my numbers on each week. You have to be in it to win it right:)

    - A. Batson
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